Afreeka Wear LLC

T H E   B R A N D

Afreeka Wear is a brand that will represent a movement and motivate us all to make the world a better place.

Afreeka Wear is our voice, calling the world to focus on purpose and dreams and to make them a reality.

Afreeka Wear makes common cause with anyone who believes that freedom is not given but an action to be taken.

Afreeka Wear is the creation of Edmond and Luc. With an educational and professional background in graphic and web design and a love for fashion, we set out to create a brand that joins us together in freedom, unity, and peace. For us, Afreeka Wear is not just about growing and creating fashion trends. It’s a clothing movement built on the "Yes, We Can" spirit. We also want our business to be a financial resource to organizations that share our goals and help the world progress.

The logo features the African Continent because it is our source and our homeland. The wings represent freedom of spirit and mind. We celebrate Africa and reject stigmatization, stereotypes of poverty and the need of “others” to grow and develop. The logo is one of African pride but Afreeka Wear is not just for Africans. It is for anyone that represents the ideology of freedom, unity, and peace.

We sell high quality, inspirational clothing designed to spread the message that everyone can find their purpose and make their dream a reality. In addition to being an inspirational brand that calls us to make things happen for ourselves, Afreeka Wear’s lines will focus on highly creative and artistic designs.

Our current line is beautiful in quality and we are excited to leap forward and expand our color ways and artistic offerings. 

Through E-commerce and maximization of production and resources, we plan to dedicate a percentage of our revenue to organizations that we feel share our goals to make the world a better place.

In the coming years, we would like for Afreeka Wear to have an international market base and retail spaces in the U.S., Africa, Europe and around the world.

With your support, Afreeka Wear will move humanity forward.

“Open your wings and fly!"